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Jeep Oil Cooler Fault

A common fault with the Jeeps is the oil cooler failures. In the early model diesels the cooler is located in the valley of the V. We have covered that fault in an article you can view here.

The newer models have relocated a smaller cooler unit in a marginally easier location. This unit is located on the passenger side of the engine. This unit mounts on top of the the oil filter housing. You can replace just the cooler on its own however Jeep does sell it complete with the oil filter housing.

The main fault that occurs with this cooler is it fails internally and allows the oil and the coolant to mix together. This gives symptoms of a blown head gasket with the cooling system turning to the color of a chocolate milkshake be careful of anyone diagnosing you car as having a blown head gasket as it is more than likely to be a blown oil cooler.

Once this occurs the vehicle can overheat as the oil in the system doesn't allow the coolant to flow as well as it should and changes the boiling point of the water however the oil can cause the cooling hoes to perish very rapidly resulting in what will appear to be an oil leak from the engine but is in fact a coolant leak with a cooling system full of oil.

After the cooler is replaced and any possible leaks repaired the cooling system will need a decent flush. this does not mean draining and refilling the radiator or putting the garden hose in the cooling system header tank. An on car cooling system flush will be required to insure that all the oil within the cooling system is removed. Not all mechanical workshops have such a machine so be sure to ask about the on car cooling system flush machine. the most popular unit on the market for the automotive industry is a product made by Wynns.

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