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Based in Sydney, Servicing Jeeps Australia wide

GDL Automotive is the only Independent Jeep specialist North of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, offering maintenance and repair services for all models of Jeeps. Our specialist team are factory trained and have the knowledge and expertise to keep your Jeep performing at its best. We know Jeep, we love Jeep and we look forward to working on your pride and joy. We have customers bring their Jeeps to us Australia wide! 


Why We Love Jeep

The Jeep is an impressive vehicle, combining the best of two very different worlds. Jeep has successfully combine luxury and styling with a robust vehicle range with can take on any terrain. Other manufacturers have tried to encapsulate these qualities that allow a White-collar CEO to leave the boardroom in a luxurious, SUV that is always ready to take on any weekend adventure. These vehicles are perfect for those who love to go off-road or tow around Australia, as well as those looking for a premium vehicle.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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