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Jeep Grand Cherokee Vehicle Review

As previously covered in our generic Jeep blog located here, there is nothing mechanically "wrong" with Jeeps and the same rule applies to the Grand Cherokee. The vehicles are subject to the same faults any other vehicle on the road is. However the fact stands that the parts and labour involved in replacing these components are very, very expensive. Some common things to look out for on the Grand Cherokees are. The oil cooler leak fault that can be located here. Basically a few basic seals are known to leak, need replacing and require two days work to do it.

The water pumps are known to leak. Not a huge problem in itself except the pump is $1800 genuine and about three hours work to replace. Add to that some seals and new coolant and a basic water pump replacement can set you back up to $2500. The transmission and power steering coolers are known to spring leaks. Again, not a huge problem and easily replaced in most vehicles, except in jeeps the cooler is combined with the air conditioning condenser or the radiator. Several hours work, an air con flush and regas, a replacement TX valve and the fact that aftermarket coolers are very hard to find means this repair can very easily hit the $4000 mark. Likewise the radiators are known to leak coolant. Again, after market are rare to find forcing many repair shops to purchase genuine radiators and they aren't much fun to replace. The Grand Cherokee is not a bad car, boasts some great features and creature comforts however consumers need to be informed that the basic maintenance for these vehicles are not comparable to a Mazda or Hyundai. Before getting into a huge amount of debt for a luxury vehicle such as the Jeep. Do the math and work out of you can afford the upkeep of it. If not, we advise that the Grand Cherokee is not the vehicle for you. If however your budget does allow for the higher costs of the upkeep of the Jeep, they are an exceptional vehicle and we have no hesitation advising clients to purchase, own and enjoy one of the worlds greatest vehicles.

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