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Jeep Fault code P0702

Several of the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokees give troubles with transmission control modules however this is often misdiagnosed. The following information applies for various models of the Jeep Cherokee and the jeep grand Cherokees. In our experience the fault codes always cross over regardless of which model is in question.

However be warned there are a number of fault codes that mechanics assume mean the transmission control module is the fault when this is not always the case. The following fault codes are always caused by a faulty transmission module.
















In almost all cases these control modules need replacing and coding to the vehicle by a Jeep dealership. You cant just simply swap the module with a second hand one from the wreaking yard you will need a Jeep dealer to code these to the car. Most are either located under the passenger front seat or under the back seat.

The next most common code to give mechanics a bit of a walk up the garden path is fault code P0702. This code is mostly caused by the shiftier mechanism. There is a small circuit board located on the base of the shiftier. More common than not is coffee and soft drinks find a way onto the circuit board and cause damage. Before replacing this circuit board check the wiring harness plug on the transmission first. Its a large round plug that seals the wiring harness as it enters the transmission, when the seal fails oil begins to work its way up the wiring harness. this can cause the P0702 fault code. The plug itself can be replaced separately, there is no need to replace the complete wiring harness.

Nine times out of ten P0702 is caused by a break in the circuit board on the shiftier mechanism. Some people have had success repairing these circuit boards however our experience has shown this is usually only a short term fix. Our advise is to replace this circuit board.

If you need help diagnosing or repairing your Jeep Please feel free to contact our team by clicking here.

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